We are an executive coaching company that helps startup founders & CEOs step into their full power as leaders.

Get the support you need to become the best leader you can be.

When we connect with our true vision, we gain ease, clarity, and strength in how we lead and how we live.

Our coaching will help you align your deepest intentions and your current reality. Channel your energy in effective directions, infect others with your clarity of vision, and successfully navigate with integrity all of the pivots, rebrands, re-orgs, hockey sticks, booms, busts, and exits inherent to life as a creative leader.


Don’t just be lean. Be strong.

A Kickass Organization is one that operates from a place of strength and alignment on all levels. The vision needs to be clear, specific, and inspiring. The culture needs to attract and retain the right people – and create the right behaviors – to support the process and the strategy. The product needs to create value for customers that is both aligned with their needs and with your strategic vision.

We partner with executives and senior leadership teams to co-create strategic programs and leadership approaches that will make you a Kickass Organization and accelerate the path to achieving your goals.


“Caneel is fantastically responsive and takes the time to carefully consider the issue; every time she will offer a rational, constructive and practical solution…Caneel has produced novel, compelling and logical reports and recommendations in understandable language. Caneel is a massive asset and we are very lucky to be working with her.”

Nick Hungerford – CEO, Nutmeg

Nick Hungerford

Give your team a unique and transformative pressurecooker experience that delivers results.

Shared experiences are opportunities not just to learn or “be trained” (yawn!) but to change mindsets and impact culture. Kickass Enterprises designs bespoke learning experiences that are highly interactive, creative, impact-oriented, and fun.

Our flagship offering is the Strategic Foundations session, which is the perfect way for your core team to clarify your thinking about the fundamentals that guide your business decisions, your culture, and your company’s impact on the world. You will come away from this session with an improved understanding of your mission, vision, values, audience, and goals.

Additionally, we offer Leadership, Teamwork, Communication & Conflict, Organizational Culture, Creativity & Innovation, and Design Thinking experiences for organizations and teams.


“Whether helping you think creatively about driving value for yourself and your organization in negotiations or coming up with the overarching management structure and culture, you can be sure her unique insights will position you right where you need to be – and miles beyond the rest.”

Jennifer Hirsch – Founder, Marked Point

Kickass Enterprises is a coaching and consulting company. Our mission is to help creative people succeed in business. We believe that aligned organizations are strong organizations, and that kicking ass is for the brave, not just the smart and lucky.

Founded by Caneel Joyce Ph.D., we’re a network of some of the kindest, smartest, and most insightful coaches and consultants in the world.

We are united by a belief in the deep creativity within us all, and the important role of business organizations in shaping the future.