About You

A founder, creative, innovator, or entrepreneur who runs her business with heart, passion, and brains. You want to make a difference. In your own life, in the life of the people you work with, and in the world as a whole.

You run a fast growing business that occasionally hits a growth plateau, finds itself wrapped up in chaos, or simply feels the need to pivot or re-align strategy with the day-to-day but doesn’t know where to start.

About Kickass Enterprises

Kickass Enterprises is smart, passionate, creative, experienced, and most of all driven to get the best out of our customers. Something we’ve proven at, amongst others, Logitech, Mozilla, Disney and Tumblr (read what our customers have said about working with us right here).

Founded by Caneel Joyce Ph.D., we’re a network of experts and executors that include user researchers, social media specialists, PPC and Facebook ad experts, SEO/SEM/adwords consultants, brand strategists, copy writers, conversion optimizers, and UI/UX designers.

That means that, whatever the need is in your business to make better things and/or to make things better; Kickass Enterprises can hook you up to just the right people to make it happen.

Caneel JoyceMeet Caneel

Kickass Enterprises was founded by Caneel Joyce, Ph.D.

Caneel has 15 years of experience working in and with venture-backed startups and innovative organizations.

She has worn a variety of executive-level hats ranging from Growth to Product Marketing to Client Services. She has a BA from UCLA, a PhD in Organizational Behavior from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, and has been on faculty at Stanford’s d.School and the London School of Economics.

She has published original research on innovation, organizational culture and design in peer-reviewed journals including groundbreaking work on the effects of constraint on creativity.

She created Kickass Enterprises to offer a combination of hard-earned startup expertise and academic rigor that helps startups identify and understand their best users, sharpen their products, hone their brands, and find the best way to make their businesses grow.