A Kickass organization is able to hold its own in today’s highly competitive, fast-moving and innovative business climate. It is a company that views business and leadership through the lenses of the founder’s vision, the team’s human needs and human systems, and the company’s overall business strategy.

It therefore ensures a sustainable and ongoing alignment between:

  • Culture: a company’s values, mindsets, behaviors, and general pace
  • Structure: formal structures like hierarchies, IT and processes as well as informal structures that are often unseen and unacknowledged
  • Communication: the formal and practical ways of communication as well as the informal, and more emotional and often non-verbal, ways.
  • Vision: that which is the general driving force behind every company decision.
  • Strategy:  the product, the brand, the design, the business model, and the customer


We do not offer one solution. And we do not create endless slides, spreadsheets, and reports.

Instead, we opt for an inside-out approach in which we’re able to design programs and solutions that are driven by both your vision and the issues that are currently limiting you from achieving it.

We partner with c-level leaders and co-create solutions that are uniquely YOU: organic and emergent to your company. Together, we’ll find the path of least resistance towards alignment and accelerate the process of achieving your grandest vision.


The single most important element of the Organizational Kickassery way of working is the factual and root cause driven approach; solutions will only be proposed after the underlying blocking issues are clear.

A typical project will therefore go through the following 4 phases:

  • Phase 1, Discovery: in which the environment and blocking issues become clear through light ethnography
  • Phase 2, Design: based on the Discovery phase, a path towards resolving the blocking issues will be designed. This may be a program, initiative or approach.
  • Phase 3, Deliver / Implement or Advise: in the Design phase the approach to delivery and implementation will be agreed on. This can vary from regular coaching and advisory, to full blown delivery on retainer.
  • Phase 4: Measure, Learn and Iterate: a solution is only successful if it is sustainable. This phase will measure the results, finetune where necessary, and ensure follow through within the organization.


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Nick Hungerford

“Caneel is fantastically responsive and takes the time to carefully consider the issue; every time she will offer a rational, constructive and practical solution…Caneel has produced novel, compelling and logical reports and recommendations in understandable language. Caneel is a massive asset and we are very lucky to be working with her.”

Nick Hungerford – CEO, Nutmeg