Eve Blossom

Caneel is an invaluable asset for any team that needs to understand and align it’s UX design, product and branding offering and marketing strategy. Her expertise is to look at the overall company offering and dive in deep in details, research, testing and data to see actual results for which direction to move forward and to build consistent growth.

Caneel is incredibly easy going and wonderful to have on your team. I would work with her again in a heartbeat. And I look forward to doing so in the future.

Eve Blossom – CEO, WE’VE

Most speakers come in and have a well-honed “shtick.”  Not Caneel. We were looking to take the fuzzy concepts of innovation and bring them to life for a diverse audience and Caneel nailed it.  Caneel combined personal storytelling, research, and rich practical application for one of the most compelling and engaging talks we have had at Logitech. Our people left with insights they could translate into action and fodder for innovation conversations that had them buzzing for days.

Jessica Amortegui – Sr. Director, Global Learning & Development, Logitech

Nick Hungerford

“Caneel is fantastically responsive and takes the time to carefully consider the issue; every time she will offer a rational, constructive and practical solution…Caneel has produced novel, compelling and logical reports and recommendations in understandable language. Caneel is a massive asset and we are very lucky to be working with her.”

Nick Hungerford – CEO, Nutmeg

“Whether helping you think creatively about driving value for yourself and your organization in negotiations or coming up with the overarching management structure and culture, you can be sure her unique insights will position you right where you need to be – and miles beyond the rest.”

Jennifer Hirsch – Founder, Marked Point

“Time and again Caneel was able to reveal things about our customer, our business model and interactions that flew in the face of what we thought we knew. She was key in accomplishing everything we did… Her creativity, insight and generosity are second to none.”

Travis Nelson – Senior Product Designer, Tubular Labs

“Caneel was able to quickly grasp the nature of our complex problem. She jumped back and forth easily between explaining some of the basic fundamentals that we lacked, and addressing the specific nuances of our task. Our problem required bridging the fuzzy world of design with quantitative metrics and Caneel navigated both worlds with ease.”

Alan van Pelt -Design Research & Innovation Strategy Consultant, Jump Associates

“Caneel brings a fantastic range of talents to any project she works on. she has a great head for stats, and is at home grappling with giant spreadsheets, experimental design, drawing sound conclusions, and diligent and thorough background research and preparation. At the same time, she thrives in creative solutions and is an asset to any ideation sessions…drawing the best out of people through motivation and effective delegation…to bring out the best in a team.”

Jonathan Hey – Head of User Experience, Nutmeg

“Caneel came in and really helped us analyze and understand our group dynamic and uncovered areas that needed attention. Our sessions were engaging and ran smoothly.”

Steve Kuo – Co-founder, Nomizo